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Charlotte vs Raleigh

The Struggle is Real.

It's no urban myth.  Charlotte and Raleigh seldom see eye to eye.  It's a real problem that has deep roots.  It could be argued that Charlotte thinks of itself as being more important than Raleigh thinks they are.  And if could also be said that Raleigh doesn't like being in Charlotte's shadow, after all, they are the Capital City. 

This disdain for each other even extends to our streets.  Instead of some wide and carefully landscaped boulevard named for Raleigh, Charlotte gave that grand name to a gritty street that runs through an industrial area off Eastway Drive. 

In Raleigh, there are prominent avenues named for Fayetteville, Lenoir, New Bern and even Raleigh itself.  The street reserved for the state's largest city?  A two block residential court just south of Lake Boone Trail.

Raleigh St in Charlotte
Charlotte Ct In Raligh